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Ever felt like the small fish in a huge ocean? We all have those days, especially in a world where it seems like starting anything is so difficult with the monopoly of rising businesses. If you've looked into starting up a radio station in the past, you've probably butted heads with the FCC. Well, we've been there too, and we made it out on top. We know all the best tips and tricks and ins and outs of beginning a radio station. Helping the underdogs rise up is our specialty, because we used to be the underdogs too.

Time and time again radio station development has been an excruciating process to endure because of firm monopolization. Potential radio hosts are turned down for their lack of experience. Big radio industries tend to focus past experience rather than the individuality of the person trying to start up the station. Everyone has to start somewhere. Our company believes in looking at the human being behind the idea. We break down the steps that other companies refuse to, and work with people on a personal level.

The fight between large corporations and small business is no longer one-sided. We're here to give you that extra push to get you on your feet and on your way to a thriving radio station. From breaking down the legal procedures to giving the best advice on studio setup, from choosing a radio station type to tips for keeping costs down, we work with you to make your business just as spectacular as any main stream station. We believe that the underdog deserves the same chance to succeed as the larger organizations.

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